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We value and respect our customers' time and attention to detail. We want your time with us to be an experience to remember which leaves you with a sense of ease about the future. Please, find our payment terms for clients and customers on this page. Should you have any questions, we are an email, phone call, or text message away: 

Contact (at)

General Payment Terms

All payments are due up front and paid in full. This is typically carried out when purchasing directly from the website or from one of our shops or events.   

Exclusive Services

Bespoke cookies are made only for you and your event. It's a great opportunity to provide your guests an experience like never before. From Birthday celebrations to weddings and anniversaries, we provide you the best in class to complement your great taste. We offer bespoke products for both individuals and businesses. Your event should be as smooth and flawless as you. Knowing the payment terms up front sets that into motion.

As such, 25% of the total payment is due upon confirming the event with us. This confirmation reserves our time to devote to your event and to begin designing your personally tailored order. The remaining 75% of the total payment is due upon or before delivery to your event. Example, if your organization's payment terms require 14 days, then the payment is billed 14 days before the event excluding weekends. 

Important: The Exclusive Services cancellation policy is 24 hours from the time of confirmation whether verbal or written.  

Wholesale Clients

Payment is due upon placing your order. Orders must be placed 72 hours in advance. Pay at check out. For clients, requesting an on-going order basis,  separate, specialized payment terms can be agreed up in writing. Email us at contact (at) if you are interested in this option. 

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Let's Create

Essentailly, there are no limits to the imagination and no limits to the types of cookies we can create. If you can dream it, we can do it. Text us now to get started: +358 44 231 6013 

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